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The Best Spam Filter Protects You From Spam Emails

Many people do not realize that they are opening their email up to spammers every time they sign up for something on the Internet. You go to a website, for example, and see a free trial of Lotus Notes so you think, why not and you sign up. The next day you open up your mail box and you find that there are dozens of unsolicited emails from companies you would never consider using in your mailbox.

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Unfortunately, you have been spammed and if you had the best spam filter this just would not have happened and you would not have to worry about signing up for offers online.

How spam works is this, when you sign up for that great free offer and you do not see a statement anywhere on the website that says the company you just signed up for does not sell your information to other people, then your email will probably be sold to other companies.

In turn, those companies sell your email address and so on and so forth until it seems like you are getting hundreds of spam a day. With the best spam filter you are not going to have that problem.

When you visit certain websites, such as the Microsoft website, you won't have to worry about being spammed. Most well known companies do not sell your information. However, to be sure, before you sign up anywhere you should check their privacy policy to see what they do with your information. Of course, with the best spam filter you can sign up for every site on the net without worrying about getting a lot of junk mail.

You should have the freedom to do whatever you want to online without worrying about whether or not your are going to start receiving unsolicited email. Unfortunately there are a lot of places online that are just not as scrupulous as you would like them to be.

While by law they have to inform you that they are selling your information, it is often in the smallest print in a color that closely resembles the background on the page, making it difficult to discern. Rather than trying to avoid every website that might sell your information, just get the Best Spam Filter and protect yourself internally.

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