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Corporate Spam Filtering

If you own a large corporation or business then you need to be in the know about spam filtering. The safest, most cost effective and reliable are the keys that you need to be focusing on. Spam can be a thorn in your side if you leave it be and do not deal with its existence.

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It has to be acknowledged and done so effectively. This is where corporate spam filtering comes into play. Though it is vital, there are many different avenues to be looked at.

Most spam filters can protect you from at least ninety percent of spam and viruses. Although this sounds like a lot, when you have thousands coming in on your server daily, ten percent can still be an annoyance, plus any viruses being allowed in can threaten both security and job productivity.

Taking that ten percent down to five, or even two percent is much more attractive. For most large corporations seeking corporate spam filtering, an actual spam filter service will want to be used. This is when the mail is blocked and routed through an off-site server, filtered and then sent on to the main domain. This decreases any likelihood of viruses infecting the business hardware.

The cost of corporate spam filtering can be more expensive than other options but is really the best choice for those with large amounts of employees. Most services, such as Barracuda, Postini, or Postfix are equipped for large businesses but they all operate in different ways.

Finding what way suites you and your company best is your goal. It is helpful to know many of these can be used in use with your common email programs such as Hotmail or GMail.

When looking for the best deal in corporate spam filtering it is important to remember that although there are some great deals out there, you still do sometimes get what you pay for. Be vigilant in reading reviews and looking at the numbers.

All of the services should be well supplied with all of their numbers in how much they can actually claim to have scrubbed out of companies. In the corporate world this is not something that should be handled lightly so fight back aggressively until the day comes that it is no longer an issue.

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Spam Filter Services | Corporate Spam Filtering | Spam Filter Comparison | Best Spam Filter | Antispam Freeware | Spam Filter Solutions | Mailshell Anti Spam | Free Spam Blocker Software | Spam Email Blocker