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Develop Your Spam Filter Comparison

The trouble with spam is that it grows faster than the technology to stop it does. Obviously it makes money for some people and just as obviously it can be a major detractor to someone having to go through it on a daily basis. Even more insidious is the potential for harmful material such as computer viruses that can worm their way into you computer and cause havoc.

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Filtering of one sort or another has to be introduced to the messages coming into your computer. This can either be through an off site hosted service or through software that is installed on your computer. There are many choices today in this area so some sort of a spam filter comparison is needed.

The first step in developing a spam filter comparison is to decide what is important for it to do. What are the features that you want it to contain? An ideal Spam filter will allow you to set the parameters around which it does it filtering.

Which incoming email messages should be allowed to come in, which should be denied access and which should be set aside for you to review at your leisure for applicability?

Will the filter set up folders so that the incoming messages will be automatically routed to the correct location? One feature that is important is for you to be able to develop a white list of senders that are automatically allowed to come through. All other email is sent to the black list and either rejected, deleted or filed. You need to be in control of that process.

You will want your spam filter comparison to tell how how easy the program is to install on your computer and will it work with your ISP or email service? Is it designed for a person of your computer experience or will you have to spend hours on the phone requesting assistance to get it to work the way you want it to. Along the same lines, is it easy to install and will it be compatible with your other programs?

As you develop your spam filter comparison guide keep in mind what you want your spam filter to do for you. Remember to keep it flexible so that as you do your research and learn more about the capabilities that are out there, you can add more specific criteria to be examined.

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